Photo: Kerik Kouklis
Austrian, living in Vienna, I started early in my teens taking photos of my immediate surrounding and my interest in the art of photography was started by pictures from Ruth Bernhard, Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange. From there art photography drew me in more and more. 
My photographic education:
2013 Jock Sturges, Brno, Czech Rep, Portraits
2013 Tom Millea, Carmel, California, Platinum Printing Workshop
2014 Studio Yerbury, Birmingham, UK, Nude Workshop
2014 Renee Jacobs, Paris, France, Nude Workshop
2015 Studio Yerbury, Venice, Italy, Fashion and Nude Workshop
2015 Jock Sturges, Montalivet, France, Masterclass
2016 Peter Coulson, Brussels, Belgium, Workshop Portrait
2017 Stefan Sappert, Austria, Collodion Wet Plate Workshop
2017/2018 LIK Masterclass künstlerische Fotografie, Vienna, Austria
2018 Luc Braquet, Rome, Italy, Fashion Masterclass
My focus for many years was the landscape but in recent years my interest also focused on the human portrait and figure. We only have one conditon: the human condition. 
I am working digitally as well as with film and alternative techniques. My interest takes me to my projects and I choose the technique appropriate for the expression. 
2017 Photo Vienna at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna 
(participation with collodion wet plates and a series on grief in a group exhibition)
2018 LIK Gallery (solo exhibition with my series at face value)
2019 - 2020 several group exhibitions
11 bis 13 09 2020 Art Walk Währing
11 09 2020 bis 04 10 2020 Ausstellung im Amtshaus Währing
09 2021 Art Walk Währing
09 2022 Art Walk Währing

Viktor Orgonyi
+43 664 824 11 66